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Facilitator guides are available in three languages: English, French and Spanish. Each guide includes an introduction to the methodology, detailed facilitator notes and step-by-step description on preparing workshop materials.

English and French guides, originally published in 2000, describe a one-day workshop. A revised edition of the English guide has been published in 2005. This improved guide is easier to use and draws upon the experience of groups using the methodology around the world.

The Spanish guide describes a two-day Wall workshop adapted for the Latin American context. Great care has been made in the Spanish version to ensure the method is accessible to women with low-literacy skills.

Production of these guides has been possible thanks to contributing organizations.

English Guide Starting with Women's Lives: Changing Today's Economy
(A Facilitator's Guide to a Visual Workshop Methodology) Revised Second Edition
Suzanne Doerge and Beverly Burke
Women's Wall Project, 2005
$15.00 CDN, $13 US, plus postage costs
Spiral-bound Paper : 8.5" x 11", 103 pages
ISBN: 09735865-1-6
Click to view the Pdf
French Guide
A la lumière de la vie des femmes: Changer l'économie d'aujourd'hui (Le manuel de l'animatrice d'un atelier de méthodologie visuelle)
Suzanne Doerge and Beverley Burke, 2000. Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada and Canadian Labour Congress, 2000
$12.00 CDN, $10.00 US, plus
frais d'envoi
8.5" x 11", 94 pages
ISBN: 0969143974
Spanish Guide
Transformando la economía de hoy desde la vida cotidiana de las mujeres:
Una metodología visual
(Guía para facilitadoras)
Suzanne Doerge y Montserrat Fernández Piñón Women's Wall Project , Canada and
Puntos de Encuentro , Nicaragua , 2004
$12.00 CDN, $10.00 US, mas costo de envió
8.5" x 11", 122 paginas
ISBN: 09735865-0-8
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